Safety, Health and environmental policy

ALPA´s fundamental priority is to develop activities that take into account the safety of the operations, the health of the employees and the preservation of the environment in which we operate.



The current legislation that applies to safety, health and the environment will be followed.

To operate utilizing rational use of energy and natural resources.

All environmental risks and activities derived from the activities and installations must be identified, evaluated and questioned.

The work conditions for employees, contractors, and the community should be safe, healthy and environmentally friendly to avoid illness, accidents or incidents on the job.

Promote that the contractors and subcontractors perform in health, safety, and environmental issues in ways that are stated in this policy.

To minimize consequences of accidents or job incidents by implementing emergency plans and procedures.

To ensure that our employees and contractors follow the safety, health and environmental policies during the development of work activities.

To ensure a positive evolution in the performance/delivery of safety, health and environment through regular evaluations and identifying areas of improvement.

Accidents and incidents will be documented and investigated with the goal of avoiding reiteration and consequences.

Every employee is responsible for his/her own safety as well as the safety of their co-workers and the appropriate care of the environment.


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